Rosemary Edger

A native of Washington, D.C., Rosemary Edger graduated from the School of Allied Health Professions, University of Maryland, School of Medicine, earning the degree of Bachelor of Science.

Ms. Edger has served as a staff physical therapist at numerous hospital settings, including The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Southern Maryland Hospital, and the George Washington University Medical Center. While employed at Johns Hopkins, Ms. Edger functioned in the role of Senior Physical Therapist and Director of the orthopaedic surgical rotation. In that capacity, Ms. Edger was instrumental in the implementation of a program for total joint replacements which involved the early intervention of physical therapy in the pre-and post-op process of evaluation and treatment of the total joint replacement patient.

Ms. Edger has provided her services as an independent consultant, specializing in the collaborative efforts of physical therapy and dentistry, and promoting the clinical approach and practices of Mariano Rocabado, P.T. Ms. Edger has sponsored one-day symposiums on the combined efforts of physical therapy and dentistry, and has been a guest lecturer to private study groups, dental societies and physical medicine departments on the topic of postural stress as it relates to painful conditions of the head, neck and jaw.

Ms. Edger has pursued the course curriculum and certification of “Pilates,” as an alternative therapeutic tool in the reduction of back pain and the stabilization of the balanced spinal posture through the increased utilization of the “core” musculature.

Ms. Edger’s postgraduate studies have also included the advanced study of the foot. Ms. Edger evaluates the biomechanics of the foot and ankle, and fabricates temporary and permanent orthotics toward the correction of mechanical and/or painful imbalances. These imbalances occur not only in the lower extremities, but in spinal and facial cases as well.

Academic studies in the field of physical fitness have enabled Ms. Edger to be certified as a Strength and Conditioning Instructor. This merger of physical therapy and fitness offers a more effective approach in the treatment and management of painful muscular, orthopaedic and neurological conditions because of its focus on daily health practices and prevention.

Ms. Edger is the owner of Edger Therapy, P.A., which is a private physical therapy practice located in Greenbelt, Maryland. The office accepts private, medical and dental referrals in the treatment of neurological and musculoskeletal problems.

Ms. Edger is also the owner of “The Center for Work Injury Prevention” (CWIP), which offers a four-step approach in the practical solution to the reduction of workplace injuries, workers’ compensation costs and workers’ compensation claims. This approach extends beyond “ergonomics” to include worker behaviors, workplace politics and attitudes, and worker compensation costs control.

Ms. Edger’s approach is manual and one-on-one with her patients. Experience has taught her that many painful conditions are a consequence of dysfunction, particularly as this concerns alignment, both in the extremities and the spinal joints. Stabilization here is typically lacking. Ms. Edger has found that by incorporating the theory and practice of “Pilates” as an alternative movement therapy, patients have responded favorably and have acquired enhanced stability in their spinal alignment through the improved utilization of the “core” musculature. Strength is commonly lacking in this lower abdominal muscle group, particularly the transversus abdominus. Especially in our elderly population, if this alignment is not secured, endless sessions of manual release techniques will not afford the patient any long-lasting relief of pain, which typically arises from musculature which is over-stretched, over-compensated and weakened.

Ms. Edger additionally employs manual soft tissue release techniques in the treatment of painful imbalances, such as muscular strains and sprains, arthritis, headaches, back pain and pre- and post-op foot conditions.

Ms. Edger is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association and the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

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