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Our website is designed to provide you information about our practice, services, location, and more. We are completely committed to providing you the highest quality of care available.

For treatment of painful conditions, recovery of function, and injury prevention, we are dedicated to maximizing your well-being.

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We welcome the referral of your patients for physical therapy!

Referral to Edger Therapy, P.A., can be accomplished by:

  • Direct fax of the medical orders from the physician’s office by dailing (301) 261-7851 [be sure to include the patient’s phone number];
  • Verbal telephone orders from the physician’s office by dailing (301) 474-1221;
  • Telephone contact from the patient directly by dailing (301) 474-1221; or
  • Hand-delivery of the written orders by the patient at the time of their initial consultation with this office.

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