About Us

We believe in the dignity of all men & women.

We believe in the self-worth of an individual.

We believe in thirty minutes of cardio-vascular exercise everyday.

We never met a vegetable that we didn’t like!

We believe in the remedial power of the mind and soul and its consequence on the healing of the human condition.

We believe that an individual can be inspired to change that which is not beneficial to the body.

We believe in the multi-disciplinary approach of trained health care professionals working toward the betterment of an individual.

We believe in drinking the required amounts of water each and everyday.

We believe that preservation of the natural biomechanics and alignment of the human skeletal system can work to alleviate many painful pathologies.

We believe in evoking positive change.

We believe that it is essential for adults to find time to play.

We believe in re-establishing learning pathways to the brain and in re-education.

We believe in family.

We believe in pilates and yoga as alternative movement therapies.

We believe in the balance of forces as they are perceived on the musculoskeletal system.

We love a challenge!

We believe in the restorative powers of physical therapy.

Inspire. Evoke. Educate. Physical Therapy

Message from the Owner

Edger Therapy, P.A., is a musculoskeletal health, wellness and rehabilitation clinic. Our office is an evidence-based practice which conducts functional assessments and provides functional outcomes for those individuals suffering from the acute stages of pain and disability. Our Wellness Programs provide additional venues to enable our patients to achieve their specific health and fitness potentials, following their successful completion of the acute physical therapy program.

Our patients will encounter a commitment to professional integrity, accountability and a willingness to exceed expectations.

Edger Therapy, P.A., is a preferred provider with Carefirst BlueCross and BlueShield and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. Edger Therapy is an out-of-network provider for all other insurance companies.

The office will provide effective payment options for our patients and will function as a liaison between the patient and their insurance company regarding specific payment responsibilities.

Edger Therapy, P.A. accepts workman’s compensation cases.

Thank you for allowing this office to participate in your medical and fitness needs.

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