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The Center for Work Injury Prevention

Our subsidiary company, “The Center for Work Injury Prevention,” offers a practical solution to the reduction of workplace injuries, workers’ compensation costs and workers’ compensation claims. This approach extends beyond “ergonomics.” It addresses worker behaviors, workplace politics and attitudes, and worker compensation costs control.

As a professional physical therapist, I have achieved positive results for thousands of injured workers through my work as a claims prevention specialist.

The “Center for Work Injury Prevention” offers a four-step program.

Step 1: The first step is a work risk analysis, an on-site tour of the work premises to document the physical risks of injury, observe the biomechanics of the worker and the observed risks associated with job performance, as well as corrective recommendations.

Step 2: the next step is management team training.

Step 3: the third component is employee motivation. Employees will not usally respond to suggestions on how to prevent diseases and injuries they do not yet have. Employees will cooperate with prevention suggestions if you target a problem which they already suffer from: workplace fatigue.

Step 4: the final program component is ergonomic team training, which is the training of a select group of employees, including workers, supervisors, engineering and maintenance. These individuals receive advanced training as an ergonomics team, in an effort to evaluate on-going risks, develop prevention tactics, and insure long-term success of the prevention program.

Through our two affiliates, Edger Therapy, P.A. and The Center for Work Injury Prevention, we are able to address an individual’s physical needs, as expressed through hands-on treatment, as well as directly on-site at the workplace where injuries occur.

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