“I have been a patient of Rosemary for many years, and can honestly say I do not know how I could live without her! I have Fibromyalgia and injuries from previous car accidents that leave me in serious pain. But I can always depend on Rosemary to make me feel so much better. Her sweet personality and genuine compassion and kindness always help me mentally as well as physically get over the painful periods. The end of her physical therapy sessions are so relaxing that I feel so transformed as I leave. She always knows exactly what to do to get me comfortable again in my body. I am always sharing to my family and friends how grateful I am to have found her. She understands the complexities of Fibromyalgia more than any other therapist I have ever seen.”

J. Darcey

“Months after having surgery on both feet for heel spurs, I was unable to go out unless an electric scooter was available. My new doctor referred me to Rosemary Edger. After twelve office visits with the physical therapist, continuing the home exercise plan and new orthotics, I’m now able to go out without the use of an electric scooter. I am now ‘scooter-free!'”

J.B. Heath, Laurel MD

“My mysterious neck problem plagued me for over 8 months before I saw Rosemary Edger. She helped me learn what healthy posture was and how to evaluate my workplace and environment for better body mechanics. I feel like a new person! I was actually starting to get depressed because physical pain while working is very distracting and it seemed nothing I did on my own (exercising, stretching, massage, etc.) was helping. I also found the therapy environment to be very relaxing and Rosemary’s knowledge and evaluation very extensive.”

Thanks again for all your help!


“Rosemary Edger has treated me for several ailments over the past few years. She has always provided quality therapy tailored to my specific needs with flexible appointment times to match my schedule. I will not hesitate to call Edger Therapy for treatment in the future.”

D. Brent Mott, NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center

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